In 2010, one of the hottest couples in Hollywood said “yes” to life. Chris Hemsworth marries Elsa Pataki in Australia. The actress has just separated from another famous actor, Adrien Brody, and is now spending happy days with the star of Thor and the Avengers saga. If Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky married, the latter however did not adopt the surname of her husband. Indeed, Elsa Pataky remains … Elsa Pataky.

Why did the star insist on keeping her maiden name, despite the birth of their three children? Asked by reporters for the Kyle and Jackie O radio show, Chris Hemsworth said: “I think it was around the time we came back to the United States. We lived in Europe and we made up our minds. to get in. It was complicated with the passports and everything. ” Will Elsa Pataky officially become Mrs. Hemsworth in the eyes of the law? The future will tell !

A wedding in the homeland

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemworth were married in Australia after about five months of dating. A country chosen for a very specific reason: the star of Thor is a native of Bulman, in the north of the country. Between them, everything is rolling. Together, they had three children, named India, Sasha and Tristan. If the actor’s career takes him a lot of time, he still managed to manage fatherhood. “He always tried to be the best dad and always made me feel that his family is the most important thing for him … We have become so strong together,” his wife told Elle magazine in January 2018. .

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth © Charles Guerin / Bestimage USA

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