Chris Brown: attacked by his dog, his housekeeper pursues him

It was while she was emptying the garbage outside that a huge Ovcharka, a Caucasian shepherd, rushed at her. It was Hades, the dog of star Chris Brown who attacked the housekeeper. According to TMZ, the woman was seriously injured as the dog allegedly tore part of the skin on her face. Like a real pit bull, Chris Brown’s Caucasian Shepherd did not give up. He tore flesh from the arms of the housekeeper who ended up lying in her pool of blood.

According to her words and her sister’s testimony, “despite her tears, she was at home and no one came out to help her”. The victim claims that it was Chris Brown who found her in this situation first. Police and paramedics came to the rescue to get her out of there by getting her into an ambulance. During the investigation, the housekeeper who is suing Chris Brown under Jane Doe, remained “evasive and deceptive” and claims that she “did not know what had happened or who had taken the dog”.

“It is not known why the dog was in Humboldt”

Indeed, the housekeeper was attacked by Chris Brown’s dog at home. Note that she lives several of the star’s house. As a result of this attack, the housekeeper had to undergo surgery so as not to succumb to the serious injuries she suffered. After his rape case,

Chris Brown is this time prosecuted because of his dog’s setbacks. The housekeeper is suing the star to demand substantial damages. She also states that: “Hades was euthanized by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter several weeks after the dog was deemed unsafe.”

Chris Brown © Agency

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