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Chilling! Tik Tok Lamu star died after being burned alive by her husband during a live broadcast

It is a news item that shakes China. A Chinese social media star, including TikTok, has died after being sprayed with gasoline and set on fire by her ex-husband. According to Chinese media reports, Lamu was in the midst of live video when her former companion attacked her last month. According to the initial elements of the investigation, he broke into her home with a lighter and gasoline before attacking her in front of her family members and subscribers. She suffered burns to 90% of her body and fought for her life for over two weeks before she died a few days ago. Police are reported to have arrested Lamu’s former husband, but his motives are not yet known. Some Chinese media reports say he sought revenge after she filed for a domestic violence divorce.

Lamu was hugely successful on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok where she was followed by over 782,000 people, and had 6.3 million likes. She was a popular Tibetan blogger and lived in the mountainous region of Aba, Sichuan Province, western China. On his latest video, posted on September 14, Lamu performed a typical Tibetan song and wished his subscribers best wishes. Later that day, her live post would suddenly go to a black screen before her fans heard screams, the Beijing Youth Daily reports. For two days, they remained without news of the young woman before her sister spoke. She made a desperate plea for financial aid, asking the public to help save Lamu.

The doctors couldn’t do anything

About one million yuan, more than 125,000 euros, was collected for Lamu’s family. A statement from the Sichuan Committee reports that the young woman has been transferred to the local hospital in desperate condition. Despite the efforts of doctors and her relatives, she ultimately lost her life after two weeks of fierce battle. According to the media, Lamu had been a victim of domestic violence for several years. Her brother-in-law claims that she was beaten by her former husband, with whom she had two children. She had divorced last May. Her former companion had threatened to kill one of her children if she didn’t get back with him. He is now indicted for intentional homicide.

Lamu © Capture Mirror

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