It was a surveillance video that showed both surreal and frightening images. This scene took place in Sinop, Turkey. In the video, we can clearly see a mother making a brief stop in front of a store. This mother has clearly experienced the fact that it takes just a moment of inattention for everything to turn into a nightmare with the children. Indeed, for a very brief moment, when she has no eyes on her stroller, the latter turns and begins to descend the slope.

The pram begins to hurtle down the slope very quickly in front of the cars. True, the mother reacts quickly, but the race gets out of her control and the stroller quickly slips out of the video’s field of view. Despite a mad chase, the mother will not be able to catch up with her child in her stroller.

“A big fall from 3 meters!”

With the stroller picking up speed and the mother unable to stop her run, it ended with a fall of 3 meters from a wall. The child was then rushed to hospital. According to the Parisian, there was more fear than harm. Fortunately for the mother!

Indeed, despite this appalling scene, this moment of inattention did not end in drama since the child got away with just minor injuries.

Nightmare scene © Le Parisien

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