A bathtub filled with used sanitary products, dead rats, dog droppings, a kitchen full of rubbish, … The entire house in which six children were found was in an extremely dirty state. Police, who have visited the property in Wirral on several occasions, had already reported it to social services in 2018. But it was not until this year, in 2021, that action was taken after officers arrived. are returned to the house.

Called in after reports of an argument between the parents, the police were stunned by what they discovered on the spot. Prosecutor Trevor Parry-Jones described the scene as “disgusting”. Empty noodle pots and soiled diapers were strewn all over the floor, and dog droppings were found throughout the house. The outlets were burned out, and takeout wrappers covered the kitchen floor. “The bathroom was unusable, the dirty toilets, not having been cleaned for some time, and there was an infestation of rodents”, also detailed the prosecutor on the housing which did not include running water.

They “were brought up in absolutely appalling conditions”

“How do they do their homework, how do they do anything, how do they survive?” Said the prosecutor of the children in the house. They “were brought up in absolutely appalling conditions and that must have had an impact on them.”

The parents, whose names were not given in order to protect the identity of the children, were arrested and will be sentenced in November. They both admitted the cruelty they were causing their six children to endure. The judge also asked for answers on the well-being of the children and the measures taken to protect them, after it emerged that social services had been made aware of the conditions 10 years ago.

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