It is a terrifying news item that happened in the United States, in the state of Ohio. A man has been convicted for having planned the murder of no less than eight members of the same family. The facts allegedly took place in 2016. He was convicted of 22 charges, including murder, burglary, tampering with evidence and conspiracy. George Wagner planned the various assassinations with his mother, father and brother. But what happened? Six years ago, the Wagner family travels to the Rhoden family to kill eight of their family members.

According to the investigation, the murders would be linked to a family history around the custody of George Wagner’s little niece, who was also guarded by one of the victims. Atrocities were then committed. In particular on one of the murdered women, who was shot while breastfeeding her baby. After killing her, the man would have replaced the body so that the child could continue to eat. Jake Wagner was the first to confess to the crimes. He reportedly told authorities he wanted to protect the 2-year-old girl from being sexually abused.

A family murder

George Wagner’s brother avoided the death penalty. His mother, Angela Wagner has confessed to organizing her son’s crimes and faces a 30-year prison sentence. Both accused the father of the family, Billy Wagner, of being the main instigator of these assassinations. He pleads not guilty. As for George Wagner, his trial is scheduled for December 14. A massacre against a backdrop of family disputes that cost the lives of eight people and traumatized dozens of others.

Child custody dispute leads to mass shooting

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