Fabienne Thibeault was close to death … without really realizing it. This Friday, January 20, the singer spoke on her Facebook account to explain her recent absence. “Life is often surprising”, began the interpreter of Marie-Jeanne in the rock opera Starmania. And to come back to a health problem that almost killed her. “For a few months I had been experiencing chest pain going to the neck and arms; I was not in good shape but from there to think about what awaited me”, continued Fabienne Thibeault. If she did not pay attention to these characteristic pains at first, the singer had a big fright in the middle of the night while she was filming in Auvergne. “I had several alerts at night so with Christian Montagnac (her husband, editor’s note) we went down from Besse to the CHU of Clermont Ferrant”, she recalled.

In front of the hospital, Fabienne Thibeault was still unaware of what was happening to her. “We walked home in a quiet emergency; I underlined my discomfort and in 5 minutes, I was in a hurry: electrocardiogram – and all the rest,” said the Canadian singer on Facebook. A few hours after arriving at the emergency room, the artist was diagnosed with a serious illness which required an emergency operation. Fabienne Thibeault was indeed operated on thanks to a quadruple open-heart bypass, since her “arteries in the root of the heart were affected”. This technique, which consists of taking healthy veins to connect them to the heart and help blood circulation, is a heavy operation. But fortunately for the singer, everything went well.

Fabienne Thibeault has “no sequelae”

“I would have collapsed anytime, on the street, at the slightest effort I would have died: the operation is successful, no sequelae …, rejoiced Fabienne Thibeault. To follow cardiac rehabilitation in the center.” Following her message, the singer thanked the medical team who saved her life. “I would like to express my immense gratitude to the cardiac unit of the Clermont Ferrant University Hospital – surgeon, doctors, interns, nurses, caregivers, managers, maintenance people, all of exceptional competence, caring, with whom the “We can laugh and be reassured even in such dramatic moments, she listed. My poor Doudou in extreme concern, the loving presence of my daughter Zoé Khan-Thibeault and all those who are close to me. I am always there … be attentive to the slightest symptoms.. be careful, healthy life.. I kiss you and I will return to the top!

"Chest pain": Fabienne Thibeault passed close to death, her alarming message

Fabienne Thibeault © CEDRIC PERRIN

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