Whether you want to satisfy your curiosity or you have good reason to believe that your partner is looking for a one-night stand or someone to replace you on Tinder, your worries will not remain unsolved for long. A boyfriend or girlfriend who is active or active on Tinder, or any other dating site, has something to arouse curiosity at the very least. Don’t have access to their phone or computer because these devices are protected by multiple passwords?

If your partner is registered on Tinder, you will soon find out. And for that, you don’t have to wade through your boyfriend or girlfriend’s phone or computer. Indeed, a site for the less particular plays the 2.0 detectives for you. This is the Cheaterbuster site, formerly Swipebuster. This site scans Tinder profiles for you and tells you if your partner is registered and/or active there. The service is not free. To unmask an unfaithful boyfriend or girlfriend with Cheaterbuster, you have to pay 17.99 euros.

Easy to unmask your partner on Tinder

If your partner is using Tinder, for whatever reason, it will be easy for you to find out. And for that, you don’t even have to provide his photo. All you have to do is enter your partner’s name, age and gender. To this information, you add the place where your partner could have been active the last time. The site performs the search and presents you with several blurred images of profiles that may match the one you are looking for. To remove the blurring, this is where the 18 euros fee comes into play.

Cheating couples: how to know if your partner is on Tinder

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