It’s been thirty years since Serge Gainsbourg breathed his last. To keep her father’s memory alive for this sad birthday, her daughter had a tender idea: to open the doors of the singer’s home, located rue de Verneuil, in Paris. Charlotte Gainsbourg’s idea? Make it “a place truly rooted in Parisian heritage”, as she told AFP. Thus, the cabbage-headed man’s house will become a museum, which could open its doors “before the end of the year if possible”. In mid-December, the building permit for this beautiful project was finally issued and work could begin so that admirers of Serge Gainsbourg can discover the intimacy of the family. And inside, they will admire very personal items. “We are not going to discover things about his work but the framework of his work”, describes Charlotte Gainsbourg.

“It’s him, his personality, it’s quite surprising, rejoices the singer and actress in the columns of our colleagues. We have the image of artists who are in huge, luxurious spaces. rather modest. At the beginning, they are old stables, it is not high ceiling, it is not the Haussmannian apartment par excellence. There is a tiny kitchen. ” In this particular place, “the family house” of Gainsbourg, symbolic objects are always present, in particular a bust of Jane Birkin, a “cast of her body”. “At the time of my mother, there were few things, remembers Charlotte Gainsbourg to the Parisian. Then, afterwards, there was more and more very arranged brothel. He transformed that during his lifetime into a museum. stuffed with objects, it was difficult to walk without being afraid of breaking something. “

Charlotte Gainsbourg, touched by the tributes

And for Charlotte Gainsbourg, it is also the culmination of a project on which she has been working for many years. “In the first ten years, when I was the most sure of the project, it was very difficult to bring it to fruition. And then I went back because it was kind of what I had left of him, so I kept it like a treasure, she confides to AFP. But when I left for New York six years ago, I took some distance and I understood that it had to be For people, but also for my sanity, I have to be able to let go. ” Very touched by the multiple tributes paid to her dad, she explained: “I find it incredibly moving. For a long time I refrained from doing interviews about him, from celebrating it, I told myself that it was a pain , a painful birthday. But it is very beautiful all these statements “.

Charlotte Gainsbourg © BORDE-JACOVIDES

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