Charlotte Gainsbourg: this moment of meditation at the grave of her sister Kate Barry

A tragedy that she will not soon forget. This Friday, December 11, Charlotte Gainsbourg could not help but have a thought for her half-sister, the photographer Kate Barry. Born from the marriage of Jane Birkin with John Barry, the latter died on December 11, 2013 following a fatal fall from the fifth floor of her building in the sixteenth arrondissement of Paris. The day after the seventh anniversary of his disappearance, Yvan Attal’s companion gathered at her grave in the Montparnasse cemetery, still in the capital. A burial immortalized in a cliché.

Thus, in her Instagram story of this Saturday, December 12, Charlotte Gainsbourg unveiled the tomb of Kate Barry, under the Parisian gray and covered with flowers in her homage. A mourning shared with his mother, Jane Birkin. Invited on the airwaves of RTL this Friday, December 11, the one who does not hide her annoyance with young couples mentioned this tragedy, which she also mentions in her latest opus, Oh! Sorry, you were sleeping. “By making a record about feelings, I couldn’t help but put the greatest tragedy of my life in it,” she explained.

Death of Kate Barry: the mystery still complete

“It’s been seven years since she died, practically to the day,” added Charlotte Gainsbourg’s mother, this time in an interview with BFMTV. “Talking about her at a time when the lack of her was very acute, that was what was important. And talking about the discomfort, in cemeteries, of doing things because you have to, when you is terrified by what is happening below. That, I had to give it to Étienne, that he accompany me, because he co-wrote the texts. And after that, we could move on to forgiveness or ghosts, other themes. ” Jane Birkin has, in fact, been able to count on the support of Étienne Daho and Jean-Louis Piérot in the writing of the song Cigarettes. Titles in which she sings the mystery still hovering, even seven years after the fact, around the death of Kate Barry, although the thesis of suicide has been advanced following her death.

Seven years of mourning © VEEREN

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