Charlotte Gainsbourg: this compliment to which she is entitled permanently but which does not concern her

The joys of being a “daughter of” … In an interview with Madame Figaro, Charlotte Gainsbourg recounts what her daily life looks like when you are the daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. If she is the first to be very proud of it, the celebrity of her parents sometimes becomes a little heavy for the one who would like to exist also as an artist. Thus, the companion of Yvan Attal reveals in the women’s weekly always having the impression of “depending on the gaze of others” who only indirectly see in her the shadow of her famous parents. In the street, even if she admits that it is pleasant for her to be recognized, she deplores that in the eyes of the public she is almost always perceived as “her parents’ daughter”. “Someone stops me, I expect him to tell me about my music, about a movie. And often it’s: ‘I’m a fan of your father / your mother'” reveals Charlotte Gainsbourg, who admits to being embarrassed in front of this compliment which is not really one or at least which does not concern her directly. “I can only answer: ‘Thank you, it’s very nice’. Because it is even if it’s a compliment that is not addressed to me” she continues. A little fan habit that she certainly shouldn’t have missed and with which she has come back to live in Paris in June 2020, after having lived for 7 years in New York.

His change of life

In 2013, following the sudden death of her sister Kate Barry, Charlotte Gainsbourg made the decision to leave Paris to settle in the United States in New York as she tells Madame Figaro. It was in the company of Yvan Attal and his children that she led a new life across the Atlantic. In the Big Apple, the 49-year-old singer and actress has been able to realize many projects, seven years during which she has turned in fifteen films and composed her very intimate album Rest. Since last June, Charlotte Gainsbourg is once again a resident of the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

Charlotte Gainsbourg © BORDE-JACOVIDES

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