Charlotte Gainsbourg was only 19 when her father died. Very close to Serge Gainsbourg, the actress has never ceased to honor the memory of the artist. If their relationships were sometimes complicated, especially because his father was “very strict” and “permanently drunk”, Charlotte Gainsbourg has always adored him. Moreover, they collaborated on several occasions: in the song Lemon Incest, then in Charlotte for Ever, in 1986 before giving the cue Charlotte for Eve. Young woman at the time when a heart attack took the artist, she has since made her life. Today mother of three children, Charlotte Gainsbourg has a regret in relation to her father as she explained on the set of Vivement dimanche on November 28.

“It is really my biggest sorrow that he did not know neither Yvan nor his grandchildren”, entrusted the actress, very moved by evoking her companion Yvan Attal and their children, Ben, Alice and Jo. Obviously upset to talk about the disappearance of her dad, Charlotte Gainsbourg often prefers to talk about her career. But the actress and singer keeps a deep wound. “His passing was really a shock that I had a lot of trouble recovering from. And the real hyphenation happened when I saw him dead. It was a scene that lasted for several days, that had something to do with it. unreal, “she confided in the columns of Elle magazine. The days following the death of Serge Gainsbourg were particularly complicated for his daughter. “I could have or should have expected it, but I was devastated,” she added. ‘heard his songs. ”

Charlotte Gainsbourg: “There was only my pain and I felt attacked”

At the time, Charlotte Gainsbourg lived a “violent, nightmarish” period, which prevented her from “mourning”. Faced with the multiple tributes paid to the interpreter of the Javanese, Charlotte Gainsbourg had a radical reaction. “I had to reject everything altogether. I didn’t want to share, she confided a few weeks ago to Télérama. I now understand the need people have to talk about him and the affection that emerges from it, but when I was 19, there was only my sentence and I felt assaulted: ‘How can they not see that they are bruising me when they recount their memories?’ “Thirty years old? after the death of her father, Charlotte Gainsbourg is in any case sure that he would have been “proud” of his grandchildren.

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