A few months after her stroke, Jane Birkin seems to have recovered well. The 75-year-old is ready to reunite with her fans in concert and is currently promoting her daughter’s new film ‘Jane by Charlotte’, which is dedicated to her. She confided in Soir Mag in an article published on Thursday March 24, 2022. If she addressed the tragic death of her daughter, Kate Barry, which occurred in 2013, she also mentioned the education of her two other daughters, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon.

Jane Birkin explained that she had in the past tried to be “the good friend” of Charlotte, born of her union with Serge Gainsbourg, in 1971. A sometimes complicated period for the one who was “full of contradictions, always uncomfortable” when he s was about her daughter’s education. And according to her, her two daughters apply very different methods of education for their children.

Jane Birkin: “Charlotte always excuses her children, whatever they do”.

In a relationship since 1991 with the Franco-Israeli director Yvan Attal, Charlotte Gainsbourg is the happy mother of three children: Ben (1997), Alice (2002) and Jo (2011). According to her mother, she applies a very lax upbringing to her children: “Charlotte always excuses her children, whatever they do. If they jump with both feet on her favorite glass table and smash it, she will think : ‘My god, how lucky they weren’t hurt'”. Jane Birkin then explained her daughter was a real “Jewish mother”, very concerned and particularly protective of her children.

On the other hand, his half-sister Lou Doillon, born of the union of Jane Birkin and Jacques Doillon “is not like that at all”. According to the Blow-Up actress, Marlowe’s mother “always expects the best from her son, nothing less.” The girlfriend of musician John Ulysses Mitchell also announced in March that she was pregnant with her second child. Jane Birkin is therefore preparing to become a grandmother for the fifth time.

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