The world of music is in mourning. On Tuesday August 24, Charlie Watts passed away at the age of 80 “peacefully in a London hospital earlier in the day, surrounded by his family,” a sad statement said, leaving the Rolling Stones orphaned by their iconic drummer , member of the group since 1963. If the causes of his death have not been revealed, the musician had confided that he would not participate in the next tour of Mick Jagger and his band, claiming to have to rest after a medical operation whose nature he did not specify. Discreet for several months, Charlie Watts’ last public appearance was in May 2020, at a charity event.

It was with his wife Shirley Ann Shephard that he attended a reception given by Forever Hounds Trust, a foundation for dogs, during which he was photographed, thus constituting the last known snapshot of the drummer of the Stones . A strong image for the latter when we know that since his marriage in October 1965, Charlie Watts has never known another woman. Unlike Mick Jagger or Keith Richards, the musician has not chained the conquests or marriages, he who had with Shirley Ann Shephard a daughter born in 1968, named Seraphina.

We are so excited for our Suzie, who has found her #ForeverHome with @RollingStones drummer Charlie Watts and his wife Shirley. Shirley is an Honorary Friend of Forever Hounds Trust and Suzie, their new companion, was rescued from the greyhound racing industry.

– Forever Hounds Trust (@ForeverHoundsUK) May 21, 2020

What illness did Charlie Watts have in 2004?

Little known for his conquests, Charlie Watts was however for his health problems, he who in 2004 was diagnosed with throat cancer for which he had done radiotherapy. While in the hospital for several months, Mick Jagger reportedly called him one day to say, “We’re going to do an album, but only after you’re ready.” “They were racking their brains, writing songs, and when I was ready, I went and A Bigger Bang was born,” the musician revealed. “Then I did a two year tour. It seems every time we stop I get sick. So maybe I should keep going!”

Charlie Watts © Backgrid USA

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