The cold between Charles III and Sarah Ferguson has lasted 30 years.
The banishment of Fergie, Prince Andrew’s ex, dates from his 1992 scandals.
30 years later, King Charles III of England would be ready to move on.

Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, has been sidelined since her 1992 scandals. While estranged from the Duke of York, Fergie was staying at Balmoral. Compromising photos of Sarah Ferguson, 63, were then released. Which had led Prince Philip to banish his daughter-in-law. The scandalous photos show Prince Andrew’s wife having her toes sucked by John Bryan, a financial adviser, reports the Mirror. It has been 30 years since the relationship of the members of the royal family with Sarah Ferguson has been at a standstill.

After 30 years of cold, King Charles III of England, 74, would have decided to reach out to the ex-wife of his younger brother. Quoted by The Mirror on November 30, 2022, royal author Robert Jobson revealed that Charles III has decided to invite Sarah Ferguson to Christmas at Sandringham. This is King Charles III of England’s first Christmas as monarch. And according to the royal expert, this gesture is made by the King of England as a sign of forgiveness. Fergie, 63, has not been invited to royal party tables since her scandalous affair came to light. It would be a first for her if she accepted the invitation.

Charles III: the King of England follows the example of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II

Mr Jobson told The Sun that the monarch is ‘showing us all what Christmas is all about: family and forgiveness’. “In forgiving Fergie he is following his mother’s example, as the Queen, before her death in September, had reconciled with Sarah, her former daughter-in-law,” he added. There is a high probability that Sarah Ferguson will accept this invitation. “Fergie has always regretted the way she was kicked out of The Firm and confessed that if given a second chance she would do better,” Mr Jobson said.

Charles III: why he decided to invite Sarah Ferguson to Christmas after 30 years of icy relations

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