Prince Harry’s book Spare claims the Duke of Sussex was born to donate an organ to his brother
Meghan Markle’s husband also allegedly broke royal protocol
Prince Harry reveals in his book the health problems of King Charles III

As much to say it, the book of the duke of Sussex, Spare, did not finish talking about him. After all, the revelations are numerous and they are all as explosive as each other. Among them is the fact that Prince Harry, 38, claims he was born to donate an organ to his brother, Prince William, in case of need. “I was born in case something happened to Willy,” Meghan Markle’s husband said. According to the Daily Mail, his parents and even his grandparents called him and his brother “the heir” and “the saver”.

In his work, the Duke of Sussex describes his life as a “mission to provide a source of distraction, entertainment and, when needed, a spare room”. Archie and Lilibeth’s dad even pointed out that this idea was a no-brainer from a young age. He had even confided the “supposed words” of his father and his mother, Lady Di, when he was born. “Wonderful! You have already given me an heir and a child; I have done my job,” King Charles III is said to have expressed to his wife at the time.

Prince Harry breaks royal protocol

Also in this book, the Daily Mail claims that Prince Harry allegedly broke royal protocol. This while evoking in detail the health problems of his father, King Charles III. The Duke of Sussex explains in particular how his father suffered from constant neck and back pain. Pain which, according to him, is partly due to the king’s old polo injuries. Prince Harry also recounted the first meeting between Prince William, 40, and his wife, Meghan Markle, 41. He explains in particular how the Prince of Wales had moved back to avoid the hug of the Duchess of Sussex. A visibly awkward and far from perfect first encounter.

Charles III: this reason why he would particularly fear new revelations from Prince Harry

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