King Charles III is known for his commitment to the environment.
Victim of the vagaries of the weather, the lawn of Sandringham needs a new layout.
Charles III of England therefore decided to create a topiary garden in place of the old lawn.

A commotion in the garden at Sandringham. For the first time after the death of Elizabeth II of England, her son, King Charles III of England, brings a very big change to his estate of Norfolk. The 74-year-old monarch mows the lawn on the west side of Sandringham House. And for good reason, the husband of Camilla Parker Bowles wants to create a topiary garden there, reports Hello Magazine on February 12, 2023. Recent photos have revealed that Charles III has begun a major transformation at Sandringham. A photo can be seen of a machine clearing the lawn of Sandringham House.

This is the first major action that the father of Princes William and Harry has taken to Sandringham since the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September. It was not by pure whim that Charles III decided to transform this lawn of Sandringham House into a topiary garden, reveals Hello Magazine. “Not only will this new addition be visually interesting, but it will improve the biodiversity of the area”, can we read in the columns of the magazine. New weather-resistant plants will also be added. A gravel path will allow visitors to explore the garden.

Charles III: Sandringham, a residence appreciated by Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

The coronation of King Charles III of England will take place on May 6, 2023. As for this new topiary garden at Sandringham House in Norfolk, it should open to the public from mid-May. As Hello Magazine recalls, Sandringham was a residence dear to Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II of England used to welcome members of the royal family there every Christmas. King Charles III perpetuates this tradition. Prince Philip himself, the father of Charles III, lived in this residence after retiring from public life.

Charles III: this first important decision since the death of his mother, Elizabeth II

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