Charles III of England is not only the King of England.
Charles III is also the ruler of the Commonwealth countries.
Some left-wing Quebec MPs don’t see it that way.

A long procession of hardship awaits King Charles III of England, 73. Since his accession to the throne, the worries have not ended for the new British sovereign. Charles III is King of England, but the 73-year-old monarch is also the ruler of the Commonwealth countries. Some already fear that Charles III is the “king of the disintegration of the Commonwealth”, according to the magazine Gala. And there is reason to apprehend it when we know that 11 newly elected deputies in Quebec refused to take the oath to the new king. Elections were held in the provinces of Canada, including Quebec.

On October 19, 2022, 11 Québec Solidaire MNAs were sworn in. Gala specifies that it is the left party of Quebec. The deputies in question did not take the oath to Charles III. They did it only “towards the people of Quebec”, reports the magazine Gala. The eleven MPs who challenged King Charles III did not utter the simple but meaningful phrase of their allegiance to the British Crown. We must remember that the action taken by these eleven members from Quebec is a disobedience to the Canadian Constitution.

Charles III: several difficulties awaiting the new king of England

Because of their refusal to take the oath, the 11 deputies risk not being able to sit in the National Assembly of Quebec, according to Gala. The deputies of the Parti Québécois – a center-left independence party – were scheduled to be sworn in on October 21, 2022. Three deputies from this party also reportedly warned that they would not be sworn in to the British sovereign. Quoted by Gala, Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon, leader of the said party, declared: “We cannot serve two masters”. Remember that on the other hand, King Charles III has a lot on fire with the memoirs of Prince Harry, the Netflix mini-series of Harry and Meghan Markle or even season 5 of The Crown.

Charles III: this big blow that the new king must face

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