Lord Ivar Mountbatten, cousin of King Charles III, has decided to charge for access to his estate
The royal owns Bridwell Park, an estate of over 100 hectares in Devon
He wants to charge dog walkers £60 a year

Lord Ivar Mountbatten, the cousin of King Charles III, has shocked locals, as reported by the Daily Mail. Indeed, he would have announced his intention to charge the entrance fee to his domain for dog walkers. Note that Lord Ivar Mountbatten is the first member of the extended royal family to have celebrated a gay marriage. Lord Ivar Mountbatten is married to James Coyle. This member of the royal family owns an estate of more than 100 hectares in Devon.

Lord Ivar Mountbatten is said to have asked dog walkers to pay £60 a year to gain access to his estate, Bridwell Park. “The increase in the cost of living and running costs over the last 12 months means that our maintenance, management and running obligations have skyrocketed far beyond what the revenues of the coffees, cakes and community events can cover,” Lord Ivar Mountbatten announced in the parish magazine. “James and I have to make difficult decisions for the coming year. I want to continue to offer access to the Orangerie and the park seven days a week”, he continues before adding: “But if we want to stay open, we need our hosts and visitors to support us a bit more if they can.”

Locals complain about Lord Ivar Mountbatten’s decision

In Lord Ivar Mountbatten’s own words, dog walkers would not be in favor of his decision. “However, a dog walker said to me, ‘As you can imagine, people aren’t very happy,'” the royal said. “It’s one thing to charge non-locals for a day’s visit, but it’s quite another to tap into what is really a captive audience. I don’t think people will pay,” he said. dog walker. Lord Ivar Mountbatten and James Coyle opened Bridwell Park, near Cullompton, to the public during the pandemic.

Charles III: his cousin alienates an entire village after a daring request

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