There are no less than twenty hours of waiting this weekend to pay a last tribute to Elizabeth II, whose coffin has been on display since Monday at Westminster Hall. Friday was a particularly emotional day. We were indeed able to meet one of the most famous British subjects, David Beckham, who also shed his little tear. A little later was organized the vigil of the princes which brought together the four children of Elizabeth II: King Charles III, but also Anne, Andrew and Edward. A moment of contemplation which lasted about ten minutes in front of the coffin draped with the royal standard and surmounted by the imperial crown. The atmosphere of contemplation was nevertheless disturbed by an individual who tried to seize the “Royal Standard”. The untimely assailant was immediately put out of harm’s way by the police who arrested him and placed him in detention for disturbing public order.

If the incident interrupted the retransmission of the “event” for fifteen minutes on the BBC, today it is only a bad memory. This morning the colossal queue stretched for miles along the Thames. The British were surprised at the start of the afternoon by the irruption of King Charles III and his heir, Prince of Wales William. Father and son came to greet the crowd, a first in the history of the young reign of the new sovereign. Charles III happily shook hands, sending warm messages to the crowd, while William took time to chat with the bereaved Britons. A woman was even spotted touching the King’s arm and stroking his back to console him. The image is striking: Charles III imposes a break in tone in the monarchy and its protocol considered very strict. The King and the Prince of Wales are thus demonstrating a new style thanks to this “walkabout” which must have caused a lot of concern for security.

This accident which would have tarnished the first days of the reign of Charles III

On his way to Westminster Hall last night, Charles III came close to making tabloid headlines because of a sordid affair. A man on roller skates was almost run over by the King’s car. Law enforcement stopped the mysterious individual to prevent him from rushing to the vehicle. Two first tried to immobilize him. It took the intervention of eight officers to bring him to a total arrest. Charles III’s car was then able to continue on its way to the applause of the crowd. A few kilometers away, the assailant was handcuffed. On the side of Westminster Hall, we are now awaiting the arrival of princes Harry and William, but also of their cousins, gathered for a second vigil of about fifteen minutes around the coffin of their grandmother. The crowd will continue to parade on both sides. If the two grandsons of Elizabeth II will be present, their wives Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were not invited to the ceremony. However, they will be found at the Queen’s funeral on Monday at the end of the day.

Charles III and William accomplices: the king and his son surprise the queue at Westminster

King Charles III © DR

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