Simon Charles Dorante-Day continues to maintain that he is the hidden son of Charles III and Camilla.
The alleged hidden son of the King of England and Camilla Parker Bowles is reaching out to his supposed half-brother, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.
Simon Charles Dorante-Day proclaims a certain solidarity between brothers “screwed up” by the same father.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day, 56, has struck again recently. The alleged hidden son of Charles III of England and Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles has declared on Facebook his wish to meet his supposed half-brother, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, 38. The self-proclaimed Australian ‘Prince Simon’, as reported by Gala, finds he and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex similarly mistreated by the Royal Family. Simon Charles Dorante-Day compares the fate reserved for him by King Charles III of England, 73, to that of Prince Harry. The alleged hidden son of the King of England and Queen Consort has said he has a lot in common with Prince William’s brother, the Prince of Wales, 40.

“I think Harry and I have a lot in common, and the opportunity to chat together one-on-one could be very instructive,” said Simon Charles Dorante-Day. Making a film in his head, Dorante-Day even describes how he sees this meeting. “The first thing I would do if I met him would be give him a big hug. I think he really needs it,” his post read. The post has since been removed from Facebook, according to the October 10, 2022 Gala article.

Charles III: the King of England accused by his alleged hidden son of having “screwed him up”

As always, Simon Charles Dorante-Day doesn’t mince words when it comes to criticizing his alleged father, Charles III of England. The alleged son of Charles III and Camilla first recalls how King Charles III shows favoritism towards Prince William over Prince Harry. “William and Kate never make a mistake, but apparently Harry and Meghan are always wrong,” he remarked. The denunciation of Simon Charles Dorante-Day does not stop there. He goes so far as to say of Prince Harry that “His father screwed him up like he screwed me up”, reports Gala.

Charles III and Camilla: their alleged hidden son stretches a huge pole to prince Harry

Camilla Parker Bowles, queen consort, and King Charles III of England © Agency

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