King Charles and Princess Diana were married for 15 years
Many photos of them were taken during these 15 years of marriage
A strange detail has been pointed out by many people

While Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are still in the spotlight following the release of Prince Harry’s memoir The Substitute (Spare), that doesn’t stop royal family fans from continuing to ponder other family members. It was thus recently brought to light a very particular detail concerning the marriage between King Charles III – at the time still Prince Charles – and Princess Diana. Although their separation and the death of Lady Di are the things most remembered by the general public, the couple were still married for 15 years, as evidenced by the many photos of them that have been taken. And it is precisely these photos that are in question.

The first thing to know is that King Charles III and his wife, Princess Diana, were both about the same height, namely 1m78. Only in the majority of photos where the couple appear, Princess Diana consistently looks smaller than her husband. Whether it’s because she’s been placed in a seated position while Charles is standing, or when they’re both standing next to each other, Diana appears to be several inches shorter when in reality , she should arrive at the same height as the former Prince of Wales. This difference was particularly pointed out by the tweet of a sociologist, Philip N. Cohen, who compiled several photos on which the difference in size is obvious.

They were the same height

— Philip N Cohen (@familyunequal) March 18, 2017

King Charles III on a running board?

For some, the desire to always make people believe that King Charles III was taller than Diana explains the fact that the young woman very often tilted her head to the side, possibly in order to appear smaller than she was. . Others point to the fact that Princess Diana very rarely wore heels, or only small heels to avoid taking too many inches. Internet users have even raised the possibility that in some photos, Charles was placed on a box or a step to look taller than his wife. What underline one of the many insane consequences of a patriarchal society in which a man must be taller than his wife to establish his authority.

Charles and Diana: this disturbing detail that comes up on all the official photos of their relationship

Charles III and Princess Diana © ALPHA AGENCY

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