Currently, Queen Elizabeth II is resting and doing everything to save herself. A necessary step since she had been hospitalized a few weeks ago. Her relatives do everything to provide the sovereign with an environment conducive to her recovery. This is, unfortunately, not the case with the “Supposed” branch of his family in Australia. We are talking about Simon Dorante-Day who cries out loud and clear that he is the hidden son of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. Indeed, Mr. Simon Dorante-Day sent an open letter to the queen sprinkled with threats.

Recall that the theory according to which he would be part of the British royal family, he supports it fervently on his Facebook page. Moreover, the 55-year-old Australian is particularly active on the subject and already has a good audience. After all, his Facebook page is gaining more and more notoriety. We mainly see him making dubious photo montages of him with members of the royal family.

Simon Dorante-Day, hidden son of Prince Charles: the contents of the letter …

Simon Dorante-Day began his letter with “Chère Lilibet”. “How long will these abuses last?”, He continues, dispensing with the formalities. “You know, like my Father (Prince Charles, editor’s note) what we are capable of and what we will do. You know, just like me, the truth about the Day family and what really happened”, a- he added.

Visibly carried away by anger, he continues his letter by evoking his comfort to God who would be witness to all he saw. His Karma will not be impacted either, according to his statements. “But it will definitely affect what you leave behind,” he sent the Queen. Her letter also expressed her wish that the Queen would make the right decision. At the end, Mr. Day then signed the letter with “your eldest grandchild”.

Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles © Agence

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