Charlene of Monaco will be back soon? After several months stranded in South Africa because of an ENT problem which prevented her from traveling, the wife of Albert II made her return with great fanfare to the Rock. But as soon as she arrived, she quickly set off for Switzerland, where she still lives today, in a private clinic for a “therapeutic retreat”, according to the princely palace. But according to some, the state of health of the princess would be more worrying, while she would be interned to treat “an addiction to drugs and sleeping pills”.

If she occasionally reveals little touches on Instagram, especially for the end of year celebrations, Charlene of Monaco has not reappeared in public for several weeks. Which she could soon remedy, with an early return to the Rock. Indeed, according to the British media Royal Central, the wife of Albert II could return to attend the celebrations of Sainte-Dévote, the patron saint of the Principality of Monaco, on January 26 and 27. A long-awaited event, which could mark the return to grace of the mother of twins Jacques and Gabriella, who had already missed the national holiday last November, however receiving adorable attention from her children.

What is Charlene of Monaco’s state of health?

A few weeks ago, a relative of the Princess of Monaco suggested that a return to the Rock was not in his plans, in particular because of his worrying state of health. “His state of health is far from improving and is even said to have deteriorated,” a source told Closer. Very emaciated, the wife of Prince Albert was already so feverish last December that it was impossible for her to join her family for Christmas, pushing her husband to consider taking their children to Switzerland so that they could spend the holidays with her. .

Charlene of Monaco © Pierre Perusseau

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