This model ends up with multiple burns in her mouth after a challenge goes wrong. The challenge was to sink into the mouth of the chocolate sticks. Jen Atkin, 28, appeared on ITV’s reality show CelebAbility in 2018. During the show, a team of famous people compete against members of the public. The former Miss GB told The Sun that from a list of challenge categories, she opted for ‘big mouth’. At the end of her challenge, the model could not eat for weeks, reports the media.

The chocolate covered cookies used during the challenge left severe burns in the miss’s oral cavity and caused severe swelling of her lips. According to Jen Atkin, the coated chocolates likely contained substances that caused a reaction in her. “…While it was going on I felt my lips tingle and I wasn’t sure what it was. It must have stayed on my lips because it was really bad,” she said. The beauty queen had her face disfigured for £1,000.

She lost more than the show made her gain

“I couldn’t leave the house for two weeks because it was so bad. I may have made £1,000 on the show, but I lost more on the job,” said the former Miss GB, reports The Sun in its article of January 9, 2023. Jen Atkin said that the winnings were not worth it and that it made her really sick. “I couldn’t eat or leave the house because I was too aware of it all.” The model explains that because of this incident, she had also lost many contracts. She believes that even if she had signed the waiver which prevented her from suing ITV if she were injured, she should have been warned about the presence of these substances on the chocolate covered cookie.

Challenge gone wrong leaves model disfigured and unable to eat for weeks

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