Chained! The crazy idea of ​​a young couple to test their feelings

Alexander and Viktoria, a young couple who are very much in love, decided, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, to test their love in a somewhat radical way. Failing to sing songs to each other or afford bouquets of flowers, Alexander and Viktoria decided to bond with each other for 3 months, the British newspaper The Daily Mail reported.

The two lovebirds have courage! Literally tied with a big iron chain welded to each other for 3 months is no easy task. What is their main goal? They want to prove to those around them and to themselves that their love is indestructible, and above all to beat a record.

The couple are tied up in very embarrassing times

It is important to know that the chain that connects them is almost indestructible! It does not have a key and has been locked so that they cannot get free. So, if the couple wishes to regain their independence, they will have to call the emergency services to free themselves. In a February 15 post on their Instagram account, Alexander and Viktoria explain “having thought for a long time about how to celebrate this wonderful holiday that unites the hearts of lovers”. They add that the decision was difficult to take but that they absolutely do not regret their choice.

Eat, sleep, bathe, work or simply defecate: the couple share everything. All this to “beat a record,” Alexander told Ukrainian journalists. What is certain is that it should not be easy to share with another person every movement, every situation, from the most intimate to the most embarrassing of the day for 3 months. We will be sure to keep us informed of the progress of this unusual challenge on their Instagram account @wecontacted. And you, would you be ready to take up such a challenge?

A couple goes on for several months to test their feelings © Capture Instagram

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