The police took Rosinalva da Silva out of the makeshift cell where her own mother held her for 20 years. The 39-year-old woman was locked in a dark room for the duration of her captivity. Only a window allowed daylight to reach the metal cell where it was held. Civilian police raided a house in Espírito Santo, Brazil on February 9, 2023, according to the Daily Mail. Part of the operation was filmed and the agents can be seen entering a dark room closed by a metal gate.

At the back of the room is Rosinalva da Silva, a 39-year-old woman, who looks like she’s out of her mind. The police found her in a sorry state. She was dehydrated and hungry. What’s more, Rosinalva da Silva had her feet chained and her hands tied. The prisoner’s mother was arrested by the police. According to information from the Daily Mail, the woman was under the influence of alcohol when the authorities arrived on the scene. A man was also taken into custody following this police raid.

She lost two children, police say

Rosinalva da Silva is in such bad shape that paramedics rushed her to the regional hospital. The poor woman is still under observation and being treated for severe malnutrition. Police said Rosinalva da Silva’s mother held her prisoner, with her feet shackled and her hands tied, to subdue her. The 39-year-old is prone to mental illness after losing two children years ago. According to the police, this was the only way her mother had found to deal with Rosinalva da Silva’s aggression.

Chained in a "cell" for 20 years: the police make a terrifying discovery in a mother

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