On Monday, November 14, 2022, an extraordinary trial opened: that of Jessica Adam and Céline Vasselin. The two women are accused of having murdered, butchered, Slimane Amara, the companion of the second. In November 2018, pieces of human bodies were found near Rouen: “Inside are the remains of a man whose hands, foot, leg and head are missing, all severed”. Three days later, one of the hands of the same person, hidden a few kilometers away “in a garbage can planted along the Eure, as well as in the river”.

Céline Vasselin is arrested a few days after these macabre discoveries. And it is in police custody that she will confess everything. Indeed, this woman would have already tried to kill her companion, whom she considers violent and threatening with her. One evening, when his companion arrives at his home drunk, the respondent decides to take action by drugging him. “She then explains that she cut up her corpse and got rid of it in the Seine and the Eure, stating that she had acted alone. But the investigation seems to indicate the opposite. On the day of the events, Céline Vasselin telephoned Jessica Adam several times .”

“You don’t play smart now”

A few days earlier, the two women went to a DIY store to buy everything needed to kill Slimane Amara. With great violence, the two women will take action. With his throat cut, Slimane Amara bleeds out. “You’re more clever now. You didn’t think I could do such a thing. Now look at what state you are in,” the respondent would have said. The two women are prosecuted for “murder” and “attacking the integrity of a corpse”

Céline Vasselin and Jessica Adam: the skinners of Rouen on trial after acts that are difficult to imagine

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