Celine Dion is committed to Ukraine. The Canadian recorded Friday, April 8 a message for Global Citizen, an international organization that works against poverty in the world. A short video in which she speaks, in a serious tone. The war broke out on February 24, killing thousands and driving more than 4.38 million Ukrainian refugees into exile, according to figures from the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

In her message in support of the Ukrainian people, Celine Dion challenged the international community, calling on it to act without further delay. “I raise my voice for Ukraine. To all leaders of the international community: we need you now, more than ever before, to answer everyone’s calls. Activists, supporters and volunteers who are working to helping refugees from Ukraine and around the world.”

Celine Dion continues: “Tomorrow, you will have to decide what support you will give to these people who have been forced to leave their homes, their country, their loved ones they love so much. Please stand up for these refugees wherever you are and provide whatever financial support you are able to give.”

Celine Dion, a committed singer

Already last March, Celine Dion had published a message to support the Ukrainians. “To you, brave people of Ukraine, we are with you wholeheartedly,” she said, saying to herself “shocked and saddened”, but also, “greatly inspired” by the “bravery” of the Ukrainians. “You have our support and our prayers for peace,” she added.

News from the star, who recently canceled her North American tour due to health issues.


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