On December 8, Celine Dion announced sad news. As she was preparing to go on tour, she had been forced to postpone certain dates. The reason ? The “rare neurological disorder” which she had explained to suffer. “I have had health problems for a long time and it is not easy for me to cope with them. It saddens me enormously to have to tell you that I will not be ready to start my tour of Europe again in February”, she had explained. Since then, the singer has made rare appearances to reassure her fans about her state of health. This Friday, February 10, it was Laurence Catinot-Crost who spoke in the columns of Public. Celine Dion’s biographer has made some confidences. “Right now, she’s in Colorado,” she began before continuing: “The mountain air must do her good. She didn’t hide her worries around her voice.” Sick, the singer does not want to stop so far. “He is someone who works a lot, who spares nothing to always give the best”, specifies Laurence Catoni-Crost who explains: “But the instrument is affected, it’s terrible. We feel weakened “.

Since she announced to be sick, Celine Dion has been transparent with her audience. “Finding yourself diminished when you aim for excellence is abominable,” recalled Laurence Catinot-Crost. In addition, the singer has still not mourned René Angélil, the man with whom she spent a large part of her life. He died on January 14, 2016. “She did not hide it either, there is this break after the loss of René Angélil”, explained the biographer. A very complicated situation for Celine Dion, who has a lot of trouble recovering from it. For the writing of her book, Laurence Catinot-Crost had the opportunity to meet the singer and she has very good memories of it. “I discovered a beautiful personality and I feel a lot of esteem, admiration”, she confided before continuing: “A person well anchored in her land. She knows who she is, from where she’s coming. It’s essential for her.” For the biography, Celine Dion is someone who knew how to “remain simple, with her child’s soul. She gives off a lot of love, which is why people love her back”, she concluded. Confidences that should please the fans of the artist.

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Celine Dion: did she mention the disease from which she suffers?

When she announced that she was suffering from a health problem, Celine Dion had mentioned her daily life, which seemed to be very complicated. “I sometimes have a lot of difficulty walking and I can’t always use my vocal cords to sing as I would like”, she had first confided, upset at this idea. However, Celine Dion had indicated to receive the necessary care and to be well surrounded. “I’m getting treatment. But I still have muscle spasms. Recovery takes a lot longer than I thought,” she continued before adding that she fully intends to return to the front of the stage as soon as she could. “I train every day but I have to admit it’s a constant struggle. It’s my children who give me the courage and the hope to continue”. Will she be able to find her audience soon?

Céline Dion sick: "At the moment, she...", her biographer gives her news

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