Recall that in June 2020, the singer had to postpone all the dates of her world tour. The constraints of the pandemic oblige! This tour was scheduled for spring until summer of this year 2021. The health crisis being what it is, these dates must once again be reviewed. The singer, Celine Dion, spoke on the subject on her Instagram account “The first dates of the show in Europe of the Courage world tour are postponed to 2022”, we can read.

“I can’t wait to sing for you. We have to make up for all the lost time, so stay safe and healthy until we meet again,” she adds. Until the time of this long-awaited reunion, the singer wanted to share a surprise with her fans.

“A little taste”

Despite the dates that had to be postponed, the singer wanted to surprise Internet users with a short video where we see her with a beautiful red dress. In the video, Celine is seen on a giant pinball machine. She stops the pinball ball which passes between her legs with her golden stiletto heel. It is also impossible not to notice the poker chips, the heart shaped neon lights with the 4 basic game shapes. “A little taste before a fabulous announcement on April 21. To be continued!”, Can we read as the caption of the video.

A sharing that created a great excitement among Internet users. Comments have, of course, been numerous. Some Internet users have even tried to guess what this fabulous ad could be. Between a new TV series, a new album, a new film, the theories even go towards a return of Celine to Las Vegas. In any case, it will take patience to find out what it really is.

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