Hope is reborn. While the latest news on Celine Dion’s state of health was not good at all, her promoter AEG brought smiles to her many fans. To the Canadian media, La Presse, he assured that the singer could very quickly get back on stage. She could ensure the representation of her Céline show across the Atlantic by the end of 2022. “When Céline is ready and she feels that she has returned 100%, we will be ready. If her recovery is goes well in the months to come, we hope that she will be able, later this year, to inaugurate her residence at Resorts World Las Vegas”, thus assured the manager of the shows of the big star.

The latest news ensured that the singer was obliged to cancel her European tour, and therefore, her dates in Paris. “I am so sorry, saddened to have to postpone the shows once again. The first time it was obviously because of the pandemic and this time it is my health that forces me to postpone the shows of the European tour and unfortunately to cancel some others“, explained Celine Dion, very saddened by the situation, in a video shared on her social networks.

Celine Dion suffers from muscle spasms

As a reminder, the 54-year-old singer suffers from “severe and persistent muscle spasms”, preventing her from going on stage. “What is happening to her is painful. But there is nothing serious (…) I know that she is in good spirits. She is very well surrounded by the members of our family”, had assured her sister, Claudette Dio.

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