Celebrity diet: what is Victoria Beckham’s Stillman diet?

Maintaining a size XS is difficult. And to be able to maintain a slim body after four children is almost impossible. Yet Victoria Beckham has managed to display a slender figure throughout her career. His secret? The Stillman diet that allows you to achieve record weight loss in a minimum of time. The method has also long remained a trend among Hollywood stars. But what is it exactly?

The Stillman diet is a method created by Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman which consists of completely eliminating carbohydrates and fats from his diet. For two weeks, the method recommends favoring products rich in protein such as meats and hard-boiled eggs and avoiding sweet and salty foods. It is also strongly advised to drink plenty of water to eliminate the high cholesterol level in the body caused by the excessive consumption of meats. Of course, any snacking between meals is strictly prohibited. On the contrary, it will be necessary to accompany the diet with daily physical activity.

Stillman diet: what are the risks?

Like any high protein diet, the Stillman method has some risks. Indeed, the removal of carbohydrates and lipids can cause extreme fatigue and a deficit of nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the body. This is why before you start, it is important to contact a professional in order to establish a medical follow-up.

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