In recent years, Tara Reid has displayed a very slim body that worries her many fans. The star that many have discovered in the American Pie saga is unrecognizable today. If some rumors speak of severe anorexia, the young woman for her part insisted on denying these comments: “I am proud of my body. People always advise me to go eat a burger, I love that! If I took 5 kilos, people would come and ask me why I’m fat. I’m thin, and it suits me very well. People have to stop denigrating other people’s bodies. I wouldn’t let anyone stop me from enjoying life “, she confided. To achieve this weight, the star used the KEN method, a very controversial diet.

The KEN diet (Ketogenic diet Enteral Nutrition) created by Dr. Shidrawi consists of following a 10-day course during which you receive liquid food through the nasal route. We imagine that this should not be very pleasant since it is necessary to insert a tube into your nose every day. Thus, Lara Reid found herself having to fast for several days without any solid food intake. In addition, followers of this diet must walk around all day with their nasogastric tube in their pocket. Not very glamorous …

Tara Reid and the KEN method: what are the risks?

If according to Shidrawi, the creator of this terrifying diet, there are no symptoms of hunger or side effects, studies show that people who undergo these types of methods have long-term, irreversible consequences. Not to mention the usual risks: yo-yo effect, many deficiencies … It is for all this that before starting, it is essential to contact a doctor in order to set up medical monitoring.


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