Celebrity diet: what is singer Adele’s Sirtfood Method?

On the occasion of her 32nd birthday, Adele made her comeback on Instagram by unveiling a photo of her where we could discover her with 45 kilos less. Some time later, the singer made a point of responding with humor to her skeptical fans: “I know, I am really really different from the last time you saw me … But because of all the restrictions related to the coronavirus and the new measures applied in the planes, I was only able to bring half of myself, and it is therefore the one that I chose to bring “, she declared in 2020, on the set from Saturday Night Live.

A change that the singer owes to her desire to have a healthier lifestyle and a more resistant body for her son Angelo. “She knew she had to change something, to become the healthiest mother possible,” said an anonymous source close to singer Adele to the American magazine People.

Adele and the Sirtfood method: how does it work?

The Sirtfood diet which allowed Adele to lose 45 kilos is based on the consumption of so-called “superfood” products (red wine, strawberries, onions, soybeans, parsley, virgin olive oil, dark chocolate …). These are foods very rich in sirtuin, a family of enzymes. These enzymes would boost the immune system, which would burn fat faster.

The Sirtfood Diet is divided into two stages: the first takes place over 7 days, during which you should not exceed 1000 calories / day. The second stage is spread over two weeks during which we go to 1500 calories / day. The method is to be reproduced until reaching its ideal weight. Warning ! Before you start, we specify that all types of diet must be done with medical monitoring! Because even if the diet leads to very rapid weight loss, according to many nutritionists, it may lead to muscle problems and fatigue.

Adele © JLPPA

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