Celebrity diet: what is Sarah Jessica Parker’s Shapiro Method?

If celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker have tried the diet, it’s not for nothing. Indeed, the Shapiro method which takes its name from its inventor, Dr. Howard Shapiro is very simple and is perfect for those who like to keep control over what they eat. This slimming method is based only on calorie intake. Thus, the doctor’s diet program recommends eating only 1,800 calories per day. The idea is to choose the foods that you want to put on your plate yourself: sweets, vegetables, starches … Nothing is forbidden. You make yourself entirely responsible for your diet. All that remains is to make the right choices.

Sarah Jessica Parker and the Shapiro method: how does it work?

According to Dr. Shapiro, it is important to keep a logbook in which will be recorded all the foods eaten, the times of the meals and also the cause of the meals (hunger, gluttony, boredom, frustration, anger, joy, sadness …) . You have to write everything down in order to understand your eating habits. So, by studying this journal every day, we learn to find a diet that is right for us.

The most complicated thing, therefore, is figuring out how to compose your plate to quickly discover what is perfect for us. To help you, Sarah Jessica Parker unveiled one of her favorite dishes. We then find in the menu of the actress of Sex and the City, a vegetable soup, which has the advantage of filling her very quickly. Finally, it can be noted that certain deficiencies may appear, so it is important to have yourself followed by a doctor before starting any type of diet.

Sarah Jessica Parker © Backgrid USA

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