Nicole Richie, known at the time to be the faithful friend of Paris Hilton, in the series The Simple Life, has changed a lot today. Indeed, before, the star used to appear on red carpets with a chubby face and a rounded belly. But after having her daughter, Harlow, Nicole Richie did not stop losing her extra pounds until she reached an alarming weight. Rumor has it that the star used the Skinny Bitch method, but what is it?

Nicole Richie and the Skinny Bitch diet: what is it?

The Skinny Bitch diet is a diet created by former model Kim Barnouin and author Rory Freedman which consists of following a strict vegan menu by limiting the consumption of meat, poultry and seafood, dairy products … The method would allow improve general health, but also suggests adopting a healthier diet by relearning to eat, chew well and quit “gross vices” such as smoking and alcohol.

So it’s no surprise that people who follow the Skinny Bitch lose weight. Indeed, the extreme and restrictive nature of the diet will result in a significant calorie deficit, which will induce weight loss. However, the method mainly involves many risks: metabolic changes, loss of muscle mass, increase in hunger hormones … All these elements can lead to deficiencies in proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids and that is why that it is important to contact a doctor in order to institute a medical follow-up before starting any type of diet.

Nicole Richie © FAME PICTURES

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