Celebrity diet: what is Mariah Carey’s Diet Purple method?

Durand her pregnancy Mariah Carey had to deal with a major change in her body: “My edema was definitely the most painful thing I had to endure during my pregnancy. My legs had tripled in size. believed that I was never going to be who I was again, “she said in 2011 on” The Rosie O’Donnell show “. After having her twins: Moroccan and Monroe, Mariah Carey decided to take matters into her own hands and lose her post-pregnancy pounds. The interpreter of “Touch My Body” then followed a very special diet called Diet Purple. But what is it all about?

Mariah Carey and the Diet Purple method: how does it work?

The Diet Purple method consists of consuming a maximum of purple and red products, three days a week. Your plate will be mainly composed of fruits and vegetables very rich in antioxidants such as purple grapes, passion fruit, purple cauliflower, plums, purple asparagus, purple potatoes, purple cabbage, figs, purple rice and wheat, purple corn, purple pods, blackberries … These foods have many benefits on the body. Indeed, the anthocyanins present in these foods soothe inflammation, boost the elasticity of the skin, reduce the risk of hypertension and of course their main advantage is that they are very low in calories.

Note that eating exclusively purple and red products can be very harmful to health. This is because these foods only produce part of the protein the body needs to function properly. The risks of deficiency are therefore very important for the body, which is why it is preferable, before you start, to contact a doctor in order to set up a serious follow-up.

Mariah Carey © Chris Delmas

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