Celebrity diet: what is Madonna’s “The Zone” diet?

Over time, Madonna has been able to stay in great shape. The queen of pop has the reputation of being sport addict, in fact, the interpreter of Like a Virgin practices about 4 different sports. Between yoga, cycling and dancing, Madonna also trusts “The Zone” diet, understanding “the golden mean”, to stay slim. This diet was created by Dr. Barry Sears in 1995 and consists of stopping and controlling the production of fat in the body. With this diet, the hormones responsible for fat production are kept at normal levels, which helps in weight loss.

Madonna and the “The Zone” diet: how does it work?

The “The Zone” method thus offers you to lose weight by integrating naturally sweet foods with a low caloric index into your meals such as lentils, avocado, pasta, rice … And this, five times a day (including 2 snacks) at regular intervals. By stabilizing blood sugar levels, avoiding fat storage, but also by not exceeding the required daily calorie intake, Dr. Barry Sears promises weight loss of 1 kg to 1.5 kg per week. The method is also based on calorie restriction, a meal cannot exceed 500 calories and the snack must not exceed 100 calories.

And to achieve this ideal balance, it is necessary, for example, to distribute energy intake in this way: 30% foods rich in protein, 30% rich in lipids and 40% rich in carbohydrates. It is also necessary to avoid foods rich in bad fats such as cold meats, fatty meats such as beef, pork … And like Madonna, you can add regular sports activity to that. Attention, before you start, it is specified that all types of diet must be done with medical monitoring.

Madonna © GOFF INF

Madonna © GOFF INF
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