Katie Holmes decided to create her own diet when she realized that no diet was right for her. You have to do it when you know the bewildering number of diets there are in Hollywood. Called the “KH” method (for the initials of the actress) this diet consists of eating exclusively raw organic vegetables and eliminating all lipids, slow sugars and fast sugars, but also proteins with meat, eggs. , and even dairy products. Fruits are even excluded because of their sugar content.

On Katie Holmes’ plate, we can therefore find foods such as tofu and fish, which are the main sources of protein. But also yams, broccoli and almonds. It must be said that there is not much left as protein … The star nevertheless allows himself a few variations on occasion with candies, cookie dough or buttery popcorn. The star also unveiled her favorite drinks which are vanilla latte and Diet Coke.

Katie Holmes and the KH method: what are the risks?

The problem with this diet is that it can quickly turn out to be monotonous, even dangerous for followers of the method. Indeed, the sources of energy (proteins and sugars) are very low, which means that even by absorbing a lot of vitamins with raw vegetables, we still quickly find ourselves deficient (lack of iron, magnesium, calcium …). This is why it is very important to contact a doctor in order to establish a medical follow-up before you start.

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