Celebrity diet: what is Jessica Alba’s slimming corset?

Jessica Alba who has two children is even more beautiful than before. At 40, the young woman has a figure that would make many women turn pale. Nevertheless, the star had to work daily to succeed in keeping her figure. Between sport and diet, Jessica Alba also used a very special trick. Indeed, the actress went so far as to wear a corset day and night to stay slim. “I wore a double corset for three months. I even kept it on to sleep. I sweated a lot, but it was worth it. It was brutal. It’s not for everyone,” he said. she declared to Net à porter.

When following her diet, Jessica Alba had to wear a slimming corset daily for 3 to 6 hours, several days a week. She thus put on her corset during these sports exercises in order to quickly obtain a flat stomach. Corsets would stimulate heat and perspiration and thus promote sweating and weight loss. Without forgetting the other positive points of the slimming girdle: the appetite suppressant effect, the comfort and the elegance it brings to looks.

Jessica Alba and the slimming corset method: what are the risks?

If the slimming corset almost urgently sculpts the body, it nevertheless presents many risks. Indeed, the prolonged use of a corset would damage the skin, but also injure the internal organs. Because they are compressed, the stomach and intestines move upwards, damaging the liver, spleen and kidneys. The corset can also create problems with gastric reflux, constipation and the freedom of movement would also be greatly reduced. This is why it is important to contact a doctor in order to set up medical monitoring before you start.

Jessica Alba © Backgrid USA

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