Used to a balanced lifestyle, Jessica Alba has revealed that she favors organic detoxes to keep her figure. In the columns of US Weekly magazine, the American has notably revealed her eating habits: “I try to eat fairly balanced with organic and fresh products. But I do not deprive myself of any food. I do not eat a lot of products. industrial, that’s probably the most important. But it’s not like I never eat it. I love crisps and snacks and that sort of thing. ” The star is also using a detox created by Dr. Junger, but what is it?

The principle of the Junger detox is simple: purify the body and the mind to start again on the right foot. How? ‘Or’ What ? Simply by favoring liquid foods for 21 days. They are used to neutralize toxins and prevent the body from storing fat. We forget dairy products, processed foods, wheat, red meat, coffee, alcohol, sugars, eggs and we say yes to soups, smoothies and other drinks. We also increase our consumption of fruits, fresh vegetables (ideally organic) and water (pure or mineral).

Jessica Alba and the Dr Junger detox: what are the risks?

The only solid meal Dr. Junger allows is lunch, and it consists mostly of legumes. So the detox can be very dangerous even if it only lasts 21 days. We also note that the method has some drawbacks and some risks: the yo-yo effect and risks of deficiency in particular. This is why it is important to institute a medical follow-up before you start.

Jessica Alba © Claudia Albuquerque

Lara T.
Lara T.

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