When she was 50, Janet Jackson experienced a particularly difficult late pregnancy. It affected the body of the star a lot, who was bedridden for months. The singer would have ended up weighing more than 110 kilos! As she was about to return to the stage, the star decided to get back in shape thanks to the American program Nutrisystem. She even touted the wonders of the diet when an ad for the brand was released: “I felt less and less desirable. I started Nutrisystem last November and I’m already seeing some results. diet is more a way of life, a way to maintain weight and balance. “

Like the Weight Watchers method, Nutrisystem also offers a home delivery service. Indeed, the program takes care of preparing all the meals and delivering the quantity necessary to fight against the feeling of hunger. The method is effective if you follow the program meticulously. Especially since it offers different plans for different types of people and budgets so there is enough to achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

Janet Jackson and the Nutisystem Method: What are the Benefits and Risks?

One of the advantages of the program is obviously the delivery, because it avoids all the hassle associated with the famous question “What am I eating today?”. It also helps prevent the stress and depression that running a regular diet can create. However, be careful not to interrupt the program to return to normal consumption. This will end your diet and cause the famous yoyo effect. This is why it is important to contact a doctor in order to set up a medical follow-up before you start.

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