Celebrity diet: what is Blake Lively’s macrobiotic method?

At 33 years old and after 3 children (Inez Reynolds, James Reynolds, Betty Reynolds), Blake Lively has one of the most beautiful figures in Hollywood. In 2018, the star revealed that she owed this figure to intensive daily sports practice: “It turns out that you cannot lose 27 pounds gained during pregnancy by scrolling on Instagram and wondering why we do not look like to all these models in bikinis. Thank you @donsaladino (his sports coach) for moving my buttocks and getting them back in shape. Ten months of putting on those pounds, 14 of losing them. I feel so proud “, she said on her Instagram account. The actress also combines this with the macrobiotic method, but what is it?

Blake Lively: the macrobiotic method to shed extra pounds

It is a diet originating in Japan which consists of sorting foods into two categories symbolized by Yin and Yang according to their color, texture, seasons and flavors. Foods considered as Yin are fruits, foods that are green, blue, purple in color, coarse in texture, and sour or spicy in flavor. Yang foods are grains, yellow, orange or red and hard vegetables. For more efficiency, it is also preferable to opt for steaming or baking. Warning ! Before you start, we specify that all types of diet must be done with medical monitoring! Because even if this diet allows you to lose healthily and gradually your extra pounds, it can also involve many risks of deficiency in calcium, magnesium, vitamins and omega-3.

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