Alessandra Ambrosio has always been known to be a woman who knows how to keep her figure. At each of her appearances, the model shows us that she knows how to enhance her athletic figure. Even after the birth of her children (Anja 12 years old and Noah 9 years old), she knew how to adapt her eating habits and her sports exercises to stay in shape: “I think my training regime changed more after giving birth to my kids, because I didn’t really exercise before. I think it’s very important to lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes a balanced diet and exercise. “

To train before the Victoria’s Secret shows, Alessandra Ambrosio relies on the 17-Day Diet. Designed by doctor Mike Moreno, the program allows you to lose weight quickly by speeding up your metabolism. The diet also combines two components since the key figure, 17, corresponds to the number of days of treatment and the number of minutes of sport per day.

The 17-Day Diet has four phases

This program has four phases (accelerate, activate, reach, finish), the first being the most complicated, because it allows you to quickly “start” weight loss. The other phases gradually reintroduce prohibited foods, until the stabilization phase.

By combining sport and nutrition, the 17-Day Diet therefore includes many benefits and allows the whole body to work. But beware of too severe restrictions which can be harmful to the body and especially precipitate an even greater weight gain after the diet, as well as a loss of muscles. This is why it is important to contact a doctor before you start.

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