The musical Romeo and Juliet was a great success. A success led by Cécilia Cara and Damien Sargue more than 20 years ago. The two singers made their debut in 2001 in this work by Gérard Presgurvic inspired by William Shakespeare. The success of all this work has been proven by the duo’s world tour to delight all fans. More than 20 years after this explosive success, the musical, but above all the duo is back on stage. Performances have already started in Taiwan and will continue in France.

Time has only matured the interpretation of the role for the singers. Moreover, Cécilia Cara had explained this change to Here Paris. “I landed this role at 15, when I had not yet known my first love. We were young, innocent and spontaneous. We had to project ourselves, work on the strength of the characters”, explained the former companion of Arthur Jugnot. For his part, Damien Sargue had affirmed that his experience and his status as a parent were an asset for this recovery. “To assert oneself is easier. It is up to us to find the candor of the beginnings!”, had confided the husband of Emilie Sudre.

Damien Sargue: “Not yet! We have always taken care of each other”

During this interview, Cécilia Cara and Damien Sargue shed light on the rumors concerning a possible romance. Note that at the time, everyone wondered if something had happened between the two singers. “That’s the big question! Everyone is wondering, even us!” Explained Cécilia Cara. “Not yet! We have always taken care of each other,” explained Damien Sargue for his part. “It may be because we haven’t consumed that we’ve been so close for twenty years. And we’ve never had a fight,” he added. The answer is therefore clear and at the same time reveals the secret of the good understanding of the duo.

Cécilia Cara and Damien Sargue: were the stars of the musical Romeo and Juliet a couple?

Cecilia Cara and Damien Sargue © MANO / TELE STAR

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