Catherine Zeta-Jones: her confidences on the ups and downs of her relationship with Michael Douglas

For more than 20 years, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have formed a legendary couple in Hollywood cinema. The two actors married in November 2000, two years after their first meeting, and therefore celebrated their porcelain wedding anniversary last year. Like this ceramic, marriage is sometimes fragile, and Catherine Zeta-Jones paid the price. “Every marriage has its ups and downs”, she explains before adding “When you are an object of public curiosity, your relationship escapes you a little”. In 2013, when Michael Douglas is recovering from throat cancer, the couple, bruised by this painful ordeal, decided to take a break. The separation only lasts a few months and the two actors end up getting back together. Today, Catherine Zeta-Jones assures him: her husband and she remain “very much in love”, even to the point of having spent the confinement together. From now on, the Douglas couple dream of only one thing, to be together with the whole family. “We can’t wait to see my mother-in-law in Los Angeles and my parents in Britain again!” says the actress.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, worried mom

The actress is also eager to reunite with her children, Dylan, 20, and Carys, soon to be 18, explaining that the house “has been very empty” since they left the nest. And for good reason, Catherine Zeta-Jones declares to be a mother “very close” to her offspring, but also “very worried”. “Ever since my son got the license, I’m constantly freaking out! I’m totally paranoid.” However, the actress is reassured by confiding in Public that Dylan and Carys are “good kids”. “With Michael, we did a good job!” she says.

Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones) © NBC

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