Catharina-Amalia from the Netherlands threatened: man wanted to get a gun

It is a phew of relief that the royal family of the Netherlands has just uttered. This Tuesday, November 3, a man who threatened the life of Princess Catharina-Amalia was sentenced. Wouter G., a former military man, contacted the daughter of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima last January through his Instagram account. “I’m going to the King’s Day, and I want to be photographed with you, I’ll shake your hand”, “Yes girl. There is no escaping it”, “My hatred for you is growing all the time. time, “he wrote, persuaded to speak with the princess as he spoke to a fan account. In his messages, he explained that he wanted to attack his life on the national holiday. He had also approached Brent, one of the princess’s best friends. Arrested by police, he faced court a few weeks ago.

Wouter G explained that he started these conversations after drinking beer and assured that he didn’t really want to chat with the princess. An assertion denied by justice, which showed that he had researched the account of the young woman on social networks. The judge then requested that he undergo a thorough psychological examination. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, the former soldier was sentenced by justice this Tuesday, November 3 to a three-month prison term. He will also have to follow care for several months. The judge concluded that the man had developed an obsession with the Dutch royal family for several years now, and in particular with Princess Catharina-Amalia. In early 2016, he was seen in a confused state on the grounds of Villa Eikenhorst in Wassenaar, where members of the Dutch Crown then lived.

A lively controversy

It is therefore a verdict that will relieve the Dutch royal family, worried for the safety of the princess, already at the heart of a heated controversy. Last September, when the Netherlands prepared the state budget for the year 2021, the country made public a small detail that is already making a lot of talk: the royal endowment that Princess Catharina-Amalia will receive after her 18th birthday on December 7 and fixed at 110,000 euros. Of this sum, 91,000 euros will be reserved for operating costs, in particular for his royal commitments, while 20,000 euros will go directly to the daughter of Maxima of the Netherlands and King Willem-Alexander. Soon of age, the young woman will also change status and raise the bill. Indeed, Princess Catharina-Amalia should then receive a provisional sum of 282,000 euros and 1,305,000 euros for operating costs related to her status.

Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands © Royalportraits Europe

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