Like all women, she will remember her marriage for the rest of her life. But certainly not for the same reasons. However, all had started well for this American, who was on her little cloud. On the verge of marrying the love of her life, a woman, dressed in a beautiful white dress, was about to take her vows, hanging on the arm of her future husband. But, in a few seconds, everything collapsed. As she was reciting the few words she had prepared in front of the whole assembly, the latter began to feel bad. She then tried to make it clear to her other half, but her sign was not interpreted in the right way.

He thought she was joking. The pastor logically decided to continue giving the wedding speech. And suddenly the woman passed out, collapsing into the arms of her future husband. The bride quickly regained consciousness, but her first gesture was … to throw up. And the dramatic story did not end there: the worst was yet to come. Her little nephew, present alongside the bride and groom, also felt sick and defecated on the wedding dress. When questioned a little later, she announced “that she and her nephew were very hot and were dehydrated, which made them sick”. A wedding day which therefore turned into a nightmare for this American family, who will never forget this very original day.

A marriage that goes wrong © Pexels

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