He has still not been identified, but we now know the causes of his death. At a press conference held Friday, May 27, the Indiana State Police revealed the report of the autopsy of the boy discovered on April 16 in a suitcase abandoned in a wood in Indiana. Little John Doe, who showed no signs of physical harm when his body was discovered, is believed to have died of an electrolyte imbalance likely caused by viral gastroenteritis. In other words, natural causes linked to possible negligence and/or lack of care.

The autopsy report also confirms the absence of “significant physical trauma” and “anatomical cause of death”. Aged about 5 years, the little boy was discovered in a rigid suitcase stamped Las Vegas, abandoned about thirty meters from Holder Road, in the south of Indiana. “Black, about 1m20, of slim build”, according to a first press release, this one has not yet been claimed by anyone. Identifying him remains the priority of the police: “The investigators are using many investigative techniques and are working with several agencies on this investigation, attest the authorities. The investigators do not exclude the possibility that the child comes from the ‘out of state, or even out of country.’

A photo of the suitcase unveiled

To trace the child, the Indiana State Police recently released the snapshot of the suitcase in which the child was found. “Investigators are hoping this image will lead to more accurate information and identification of the child,” Sergeant Carey Huls told a news conference. So far, investigators have tried to trace the boy’s parents or legal guardians, to no avail.

The suitcase the little boy was found in © Indiana State Police

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